Joshua Balogun


Born and raised in Greenwich, England. I am a product of two immigrants who ingrained the true meaning and importance of work ethic by being the example and managing to raise three kids in the process. I owe my life to my parents they molded me into the man I am today. 

We moved from England in 2000 to Houston, Texas where I finished my education and went along to pursuing my passion as a pharmacist. The only problem was that the passion I thought was mine was merely a tainted passion filled with belief that all the money I would be earning would payoff. That is not the case anymore for me, even though I want to help others money can not be my motive. 

In deep pursuit of my passion, I felt like I was supposed to be somebody in this world. We live our lives to serve others, the thought now was how can I be of service to people while maintaining my mental health and etc… Well I would like tell you all that I fail miserably, but that is okay because after you get knocked down you learn from your mistakes and move on even if the process is slow. I am not a perfect person but I do strive for perfection even though perfection is not possibly being pretty damn close makes me feel good. It is all about growth! 

I am on a journey in life to obtain a level of fulfillment and to understand life by challenging my own thoughts and my own beliefs. I built this platform for those who are willing to take a chance in life. A chance at making the world you live in a better place for not only you but for the ones around you.