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First and foremost you finally made it to my website, welcome! 

Have you ever wondered about life itself and why you exsist? Or do you ever wonder why certain things about in your life? We all seek answers, sometimes answers that are unexplainable for man. I can say the greatest thing about asking these questions is that we have each other to bounce off of to figure things out an fthat is what this website is all about. 

I started this website in hopes of capturing my thoughts and committing it to a platform that I could share with others. Originally I started a podcast to do just the same but in a audio format which is doing quite well now that I mention it. 

A little bit about myself, I live in Houston, Texas but I was born and raised in the U.K. Yes! We have black people that live in England! No! I do not posses my accent anymore unfortunately. Physical fitness is something that I find comfort in doing alongside that learning new things is always something that I found passion in doing.

Understand this, I never found comfort in being vulnerable about my life on this website or my podcast but here I am putting myself out there to show you that little ole me can cope in this estrange place we call earth. Learn to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Hopefully this website helps make life a little bit more easier for you.

And please feel free to contact me by hitting the contact tab above.

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