The System

How do you break systematic existence? How do you make the system work for you? The term WOKE gets thrown around a lot, but who is really woke? You can’t say you’re living your best life and somehow you find yourself still struggling. People try to hide the fact that they’re slaves to the system by purchasing expensive things but is that suffice? I am writing this not because of money but just for you to understand that we do things unconsciously because the system is designed for us to only live our lives to a certain limitation. There is this diagram that is used to explain the system concerning cash flow:


The two on the left side which is the general population who unknowingly work for the system and make up 5% of the wealth all around. The two on the right side are those who make the system work for them which counts for 95% of the wealth all around. 

So how do you get to the side where money works for you. Well I cannot speak for anyone when I cannot speak for my damn self because I still reside on the left side, but what I do know is that I know my worth and i think thats what counts in the long run. You see once you know your worth you can add tax cause the price just went up and nobody can devalue you. We tend to look for motivation from outside sources when the greatest source is from with in. What is stopping you from living your best life? Ya job? Ya family? Ya lil situation and I am not undermining what you’re going through just trying to make a point but In my mind I believe nothing can stop me but me. I can tell you personally that I face myself in battle day by day and here I am winning because I believe in myself. To cut things short, don’t let society (the system) dictate who you are or what you can achieve. Money helps you live a comfortable life don’t get things twisted but look for more meaning in your life and the money will come to you.

Joshua Balogun