This year I turned 24 and honestly I could say all my problems can be wiped away. Throughout my lifetime all I ever did was listen to people who had something to offer, that something is knowledge. Knowledge is power remember that, if you can avoid certain things in your life or enhance your life by aquiring wisdom then what do you have to lose.


  • GOD is real, I don't really care about another persons opinion when it comes to this, I just don't. Not to try and be disrespectful towards anyone and their beliefs but I've just been threw a lot in my lifetime to know that a supreme being is looking over us.

  • Love is definitely the answer to all the problems in this world. Love solves what money cannot. Love will never let you down if it is genuine of course. The only way we can grow as a unit is through love.

  • JEALOUSY IS FOR THE WEAK! What is the point of trying to compete with some? What is for me is for me. I just feel like envy is an illness.

  • If you aren't born into money then you need to learn how to SAVE. There is a difference between wealth and being rich and saving helps you obtain wealth easier.

  • Impatience can alter your journey in life.

  • Change is inevitable!

  • Knowledge is power!

  • Wisdom comes from experience but wisdom also comes from learning the mistakes of others.

  • Be truthful to yourself, it will only benefit you in the long run.

  • Things will fall into place depending on whether you want it or not. What I mean is when you work for something you are passionate about, the less you have to worry.

  • Do not feel sorry for yourself because the world does not care about your problems. I am not trying to rude about saying that but you should never let your emotions and problems get in the way of your goal.


  • Get into real estate, I wish I knew about the value of owning your own land when I was young. Land has been considered to be translated as wealth since the Old Testament.

  • Learn how to save, very slim chance is that you will get famous no shade I am just saying! But you should learn how to save to teach you discipline and also you will be at a position to be comfortable.

  • Read man you gotta read, whether it's articles or novels or just something that is informative. Reading helps a lot and will make you out to be a very articulate person.

  • Invest in your friends, find friends that believe in your vision and will invest in you.

  • Take school seriously, opportunity comes to those that do well.

  • Exercise daily, the goal is to have the body of a 25 year old and age like wine.

  • I know it is hard but you have to learn to eat right. Maximizing my life expectancy through food has probably been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

  • Be honest, I am a grown ass man! If you feel the need to lie, then just stay away from me. The truth hurts but its better than some folk tale story,

  • Find your worth, then multiply it x2

  • If you ever find yourself at a standstill, re-invent yourself. What I mean by that is DO BETTER whether you have to change things around in your life then so be it.



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