February 16th, 2016

February 16th, 2016 is a date I will always remember because it actually shifted my perspective on life. I worked for an automotive company named Carmax for about six months doing inventory. I basically did a final quality check on cars before it is sold. I also washed cars but my manager decided I should probably be doing something a little bit more advance. It took two months to get the trust of my managers and four months to get the trust of others (big bosses in other departments: regional bosses...etc). By January, I was on path to moving up and I honestly saw myself there working and starting a career. I got comfortable pretty much, but then I started to become too comfortable especially with the people I was hanging around. Even though the people on my team and I created a nice bond, always looking out for each other on the job and we caused a lot of trouble. We used to clock each other in and out of shift which is basically "stealing" from the company, I did not think it was a big of a deal until they fired me.

"Joshua we are going to have to let you go!"

At that moment, I heard those words and literally smiled at my department manager and I responded by saying,

"Thank you dawg, nice knowing you and ima catch you on the flip side"

The level of confusion on this man face was priceless, I guess they wanted me to cry or something. What it did for me was free me from the shackles, I walked away smiling. I always question myself.  did it have to be this way but that experience of relief when something is holding you down felt so much better in my own opinion.


What did I learn from this experience?

What I learned from this experience is you will feel uneasy or uncomfortable when you become aware of your worth and that fear can hold you back from the unknown. Sometimes you need a push; for me it was getting fired and I am oh so grateful for that.

Joshua BalogunComment