The Struggle

When you look at your life and just think of what you have endured, what is it that kept you going? Did you continue to move on through the adversity or did you fold? In life, we all face some type of obstacle when it comes to dealing with ourselves. Why is it so hard to figure out our purpose? Why is it that even though things may seem like they are coming together in our lives but somehow some way we always manage to be lacking something? Why do we struggle with these things? Why do we struggle at all? In life, you tend to questions on how we still see poverty in the world and even looking at things from an introspective individual point of view why we just cannot get it right. I mean we have 1000+ self-help books with the "answer", but do they really answer to our problems? I think the word Grit is important when we talk about our struggles .Grit means strength of character,courage and resolve. 

You know I told myself, from here on I will stay away from people who gave up on their dreams. Contrary to what they have been through, I just want no parts of it and I mean that in the nicest way. I say this because people love using excuses for why they gave up. I brought up the word Grit because through the adversity you somehow muster up the strength to get through the hardship to get to your destination in life. Concerning the struggle to find yourself, there is no secret to it, just be yourself and realize that self-love is the key!

Joshua BalogunComment