Where did the time go?

So I just turned twenty-five right! It really feels surreal to me that I am 5 years away from thirty and twenty-five years away from fifty. I don't know that kinda bothers me, it bothers me because I always ask myself where did the time go? Honestly, I feel like me asking myself such question is an implication that I have wasted one too many years doing God knows what. 

I bought a watch recently and now I have become more time cautious. Every bit of time that I have wasted bothers me but what can I do about that now? Nothing! So looking into the future I now know what is most important because you cannot get time back. People that I now chose to have in my life are only here because I value them and they are worthy of being in my space. You see it took me a long time to figure out what I am worth (when I say I figured out my worth, I mean know what I can bring to the table and know that I deserve much more than the bare minimum. Not currency) which is good a little late in my life but I am glad I am here. 

How I currently feel about how my life is going right now is that I will never get any wasted time back. Wasted time on useless relationships and things I thought were worth my time. Is it cool though, we all learn from our experiences right?? Where I am going with this is that you need to be more aware of the time that you spend just in general.  

Self-Awareness is the key!

Once you become self-aware of your surroundings your life will slowly but surely begin to change. Time is our greatest commodity, don't waste it on what has no value. 


Joshua BalogunComment