Dark Chronicles #2 

How does one becomes self-aware when one is stuck in what we all call the matrix and how exactly we can break free? This might sound skeptical or something but life feels like a simulation and when you fully realize that this world is not what it is painted to portray, we take off the headset and actually see what life truly is. Why are we so oblivious to what is really going on also to add to that is that people see whats going on in this world and chose to act as if they didn’t ignore the responsibility of their newfound knowledge. I am not the smartest people in the world but I know when things are fucked up. What about you? Do you feel like you are trapped? Do you ever feel like things are what they seem? Have you don’t anything about it? I don’t know I think what is good about this generation, It is fascinating how we don’t take bullshit and question everything. I feel like there is always a progressive generation and then there are a few decades of human activity fucks it up. When will it end, I mean the human race cause its a different time same species kind things which seems like we are going to eventually wipe our own existence, its cool though! I wanted to snap out of this matrix but like I always say life is about decisions and you can dictate your life with a decision but also for every decision came a consequence. We like the illusion because the truth hurts. Like I said I’m not trying to place any thought of making you feel some time of way but to make you aware and present when you read this. 


  1. Question everything, literally everything! 
  2. Try to unlearn literally everything you were taught and relearn things without someone else's input 
  3. Be more objective, and less subjective.
  4. Live your life how you intend to live your life. 
  5. Be present! 
Joshua BalogunComment