Dark Chronicles #1

I pride myself in being the person that I am. Who I have grown to become most especially, but something doesn’t sit well with me. I am a nice person sometimes too nice in some instances which bothers me sometimes. My parents raised me to be good and to always do my best. Lately, thoughts have been flowing through my head about my identity, for me life has changed quickly from growing up fast to making the right decisions and of course overcoming adversity. I question who I am supposed to be, like am I who I perceive myself to be, or am I supposed to be this version of me. Awareness is good but it is also bad in some scenarios, I am aware that I choose the light instead of going through to the dark side. Some years ago I decided to explore the dark side of who I am and apart of me liked that dark side. Do that make me bad or evil? It is just that level of awareness that has got me thinking am I who I say I am if I have yet to explore all sides of me. Figure out who you are and stop faking for validation. The more you stand out the more people will take you seriously for being truly who are.

Joshua BalogunComment