Rest In Peace to a brother that wanted better for his people!

Rest In Peace to a brother that decided to choose free will instead of systemic thinking.

Rest In Peace to a brother that knew his worth.

Rest In Peace to a brother that worked hard and reaped the rewards.

Conspiracy or not this death in the black community is something that feels different for a lot of reasons. One being the fact Nipsey was a brother that spoke with purpose. Two Nipsey was a man of his word putting money back into his community a true example of teaching niggas how to fish, so they too can reap the benefits of financial freedom.

What is next for the black community? What can we learn from this because it seems like hate is the only force around right now. We want better for ourselves and our community but it seems like every time we move forward things like this happen. Who knows this tragedy may have ignited the fire in some but is this always how things are supposed to go down? We can’t keep living the life of a victim, the life of a man living with systematic views.

Rest in Peace to Nipsey Hussle!

Joshua BalogunComment