Steps to put yourself in control

  1. Get up early - Utilize the day and use it to your advantage to get things done.
  2. Meditate - We live in the past, we never enjoy the present which later hinders us. We never realize that stillness helps the mental. 
  3. Workout - Exercising creates a level of sanity that can not be reached any other way.
  4. Focus on your craft each day - Putting in work now will benefit your future
  5. Spread the love - Realize the energy you give is what you manifested       - Big Sean

This is for the the people who dream.

This is for the the people who believe they deserve better.

This is for the people who are willing to change for the greater good.

This is for the the people who are GOD fearing.

Never give up on what you believe, take chances and accept change

It is hard to be yourself in a society that criticizes you for being different. It is even harder to find out what you love doing when you are constantly watching other peoples moves instead of making your own moves. Fear kills creativity and resistance is a bitch. Laziness is the ultimate time waster, which is why people are living like they are suppose to live.

"You owe it to yourself to reach your full potential"