To New Beginnings


A letter from founder Joshua Balogun on the future of More About Something Else.

In just a little over two years More About Something Else has exceeded expectations. We created this podcast to provoke the idea of possibly writing our own destiny. Learning to rewire the brain and balance out the highs with the lows. We almost failed you, life has a funny way of trying to distract you if you’re not focused but through perseverance and patiences here we are! Each day you have the opportunity to start over and that is the approach we have chosen to adopt.

More About Something Else is about exploring curiosity and challenging existing beliefs. We want better for ourselves but what are you willing to do to make that change? On this podcast, I always talk about mindset and perception and that is all I want is for others to be the change they want to see in the world and that your environment does not dictate your future. 

What is next? 

Even though More About Something Else is an audio only podcast. We plan on providing quality audio and visual this coming summer. Alongside with that adding a new podcast to our network, don’t worry we will update you when we are ready to launch. 

Once again we are talking about bringing an idea to life and that is to provoke thought. Eventually we will branch off into short documentaries and short firms. Until then we will enjoy the quality content that we roll out weekly. 

- Joshua

Published 04/22/19


Joshua Balogun founder and host of More About Something Else. Read full bio here