82 | Vibing w/ Oluwah Akinyemi

First Gen” is now out

On this episode the following was discussed:

  • The ins and outs of religion

  • The problem with self-help

  • Bringing your projects to life

Transcript available below.

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0:03:50.709,0:03:56.729 To be honest, I don't really respect a lot of people. Mm-hmm. And that's it's not it's not like it's not like 0:03:58.419,0:04:01.709 Like I'm gonna hold myself high I mean even though you should right 0:04:03.069,0:04:09.298 But I think when it comes to a level of intellect that I I appreciate intelligence more than anything 0:04:09.970,0:04:14.710 And like when I'm reading on Twitter because that's my source of entertainment. I'm just scrolling 0:04:14.710,0:04:21.429 I'm just like why does this do thinking about the same thing on bingo? Oh, why do I understand this? So well, you know because 0:04:22.400,0:04:26.679 People wasting lives. They are most like they scroll for hours. Yeah. Yeah 0:04:26.680,0:04:29.410 Yeah, and I'm just like it's just something I've been doing 0:04:29.410,0:04:33.339 my Twitter right now is just like filter take out what I don't want because 0:04:34.190,0:04:38.019 you really do notice that like you go from the shade room to 0:04:39.290,0:04:43.299 The Economist right really quickly. Yeah. Yeah, or 0:04:44.450,0:04:48.609 Baller alert to what am I reading now what news publication? 0:04:48.610,0:04:53.020 um, I mean it just it no matter cuz I marine articles I rather read articles and 0:04:54.530,0:04:58.149 See what's going on with people right right it's annoying but 0:04:58.790,0:05:04.390 Yeah, you know I respect you intellect, you know, and that's that's one of the reasons when I reached out to you 0:05:04.390,0:05:06.390 Thanks a lot. Yeah. Yeah. So, um 0:05:07.340,0:05:12.280 Besides everything, you know everything off the table as far as Twitter. What do you do like just in general? 0:05:12.620,0:05:15.640 Um just in general I'm like a musician and artist 0:05:16.820,0:05:20.859 For the most part lately. I've just been focusing more on my visual craft 0:05:21.470,0:05:27.429 So I'd do collages and I do sculpture. Certainly. What brought you in today, man. What do you 0:05:28.040,0:05:30.040 even start 0:05:30.710,0:05:37.330 Well the way I got into art like my older brother used to just be on that like heavy heavy just growing up 0:05:37.360,0:05:42.130 He's have portfolios. He doesn't make like big track amazi posters. Just you know, just uh 0:05:42.890,0:05:47.979 You know just stuff I guess. Yeah, and then soon enough it became pictures of Malcolm X and you know, Bob Marley 0:05:48.560,0:05:52.089 And I just you know me I didn't even always absorb in it 0:05:52.090,0:05:56.140 But to me, it was just a mess that's dope as hell. Yeah suffer. Like, you know, I got into that 0:05:56.690,0:06:01.630 Literally, so I was always kind of into arts and music. I remember my first CD was like a dr 0:06:01.630,0:06:07.989 Dre chronic mm or the chronic no was 2001 actually wasn't a chronic but yeah, 2001 and I 0:06:08.210,0:06:10.930 Don't know. He just did something to my ear and that's all of that 0:06:11.630,0:06:17.049 Happening around you know, just your childhood. It kind of kind of makes you but that's kind of I guess how it started 0:06:17.050,0:06:19.150 Yeah, but um, yeah, that's big though 0:06:20.000,0:06:22.000 just as far as I 0:06:23.890,0:06:29.819 Being consumed especially in the household. I don't know about your parents or whatnot. Yeah, you know 0:06:30.370,0:06:32.370 Traditional Nigerian. Yeah. All right. That's hard 0:06:32.920,0:06:36.539 Don't understand what they don't know about acid thing, you know 0:06:36.540,0:06:42.119 And that's wrong. Like it's something we talk about as far as our we just talked about it about personify in our heart 0:06:42.120,0:06:47.790 It doesn't mean what it is. It doesn't have to necessarily be sculptures of pictures. It could be your own craft like um 0:06:49.120,0:06:51.040 speaking on or 0:06:51.040,0:06:52.930 working on a radio or 0:06:52.930,0:06:57.180 working at whatever whatever you're doing that you wanted to do for a long time like 0:06:57.820,0:07:02.580 On your craft and you know, that's art that's art putting that work, you know, yeah 0:07:02.580,0:07:06.659 So, uh, like when did you actually start beginning or? 0:07:07.300,0:07:10.140 understanding that you have a true passion for um 0:07:12.370,0:07:19.110 I'd say maybe around 2012. Okay around 2012. I was just you know going through some things everybody goes through some stuff, you know 0:07:19.990,0:07:25.110 Usually the first goal, I guess when at a younger age before your first goal it is to lay it all out on paper 0:07:25.110,0:07:29.460 Yeah, you know you just scribble, you know you growing up you hear a lot of artists they say yeah 0:07:29.460,0:07:34.649 I was just I stumbled upon it because I was trying to you know, get better to myself or get closer to myself 0:07:34.930,0:07:37.920 You know get away from the world. So that's kind of how it happened 0:07:37.980,0:07:44.609 I usually just be in classes and I'd be doodling like the professor, you know, like real good doodles to like not even some 0:07:45.250,0:07:50.850 And it also kind of made me listen better to what they were even saying and there's a certain sense because I have to catch 0:07:50.850,0:07:53.850 Certain glimpses of them. Yeah, you know, yeah just started like that 0:07:53.850,0:08:00.179 And you know, I did sketches for a while. Then I got its oil paintings and the home paintings was cool, but 0:08:00.700,0:08:06.659 It was a lot of realism. I'm kind of like it's like once you repeat that pattern you just like, you know 0:08:06.660,0:08:11.219 Maybe I am becoming maybe I do kind of have a voice now so I can stretch it out 0:08:11.220,0:08:17.580 However, I want to so I got it - like collages. So yeah, that's how I got into like collages close out of it 0:08:17.580,0:08:19.480 I'm a doer or 0:08:19.480,0:08:22.080 How did it actually come to life, you know like? 0:08:24.220,0:08:29.580 We say we want to do something but I mean we all go through our trials and tribulations as you know 0:08:29.620,0:08:32.790 How did that how do you bring it out and say oh 0:08:33.640,0:08:39.330 My first piece this is it. Yeah, you just start. When was it? Like, did you have some type of inspiration behind that? 0:08:40.540,0:08:45.509 Usually it's probably an inspiration. Yeah, but you know that inspiration is like a gust of wind 0:08:45.510,0:08:49.470 It's like real quick. So you don't really find a way for that. You just kind of go 0:08:49.470,0:08:51.660 So usually you got suck for a long time 0:08:51.660,0:08:55.860 Just kind of got a do it don't really show nobody whatever. You know, that's what I did 0:08:55.860,0:08:58.050 So and so so it kind of starts like that 0:08:58.050,0:09:02.309 Then you kind of just one day you like, you know, you showed it to some people 0:09:02.310,0:09:06.000 Yeah, you know, let's see what they think about out there. You have to know this for me, you know and 0:09:06.730,0:09:11.129 Certain people react the way and this is like, you know, this is before social media kind of thing 0:09:11.130,0:09:14.970 This is kind of like a you know, what do you think about this drawing or you know? 0:09:14.970,0:09:17.160 You just show somebody something in a book that you you know 0:09:17.160,0:09:20.879 That's when people used to exchange books more to kind of like that. Yeah 0:09:21.820,0:09:25.350 yeah, so what happened as far as like 0:09:27.580,0:09:29.580 When you get this vast knowledge of 0:09:30.220,0:09:32.220 whatever like 0:09:32.290,0:09:34.619 whether it's Malcolm X whether it's art 0:09:35.320,0:09:37.439 Did you find any inspiration in that? I? 0:09:38.590,0:09:42.689 Mean, yeah, I think everybody's very like Malcolm X, right? Yeah. I mean you would hope so, yeah 0:09:44.380,0:09:46.210 Yeah, but 0:09:46.210,0:09:52.410 It's good because you know, we never really truly understand like what grasped our attention 0:09:53.140,0:09:56.580 Because it's just things like that cuz I used to sit down and I write hmm 0:09:56.580,0:10:00.660 I stuck it right like what grabber was, you know now know the 0:10:03.190,0:10:07.050 P's and Q's of how to write a period all right 0:10:07.050,0:10:13.349 I just marked in the others not it but like as much as I hated reading back in a day, you know 0:10:13.350,0:10:15.000 I love it. Now, you know. Mm-hmm 0:10:15.000,0:10:19.050 one of my biggest goals right now is to start my own library will not start it but like, you know 0:10:19.050,0:10:24.089 I had my own personal library, you know, cuz everybody's human. Yeah, everybody everybody's going digital right now 0:10:24.090,0:10:29.160 It's just like I don't know just something about that feel of hona book. Oh, that's exactly the point 0:10:29.160,0:10:32.339 You know, like I feel like that's that's analog. You know what I'm saying? 0:10:32.340,0:10:36.689 Like is that we got to stay in the analog world as much as the digital comes through because it's gonna come 0:10:36.690,0:10:37.260 Oh, yeah 0:10:37.260,0:10:43.999 You know, it's it's gonna come to a time where it's like a big wave and it's just like anything that is or whatever 0:10:44.310,0:10:46.310 It's time. Yeah, exactly 0:10:46.800,0:10:48.800 the thing that I noticed about 0:10:49.320,0:10:54.470 life in general and this is just from reading a my own interest is that 0:10:55.200,0:10:59.629 Things are gonna go around in a circle, isn't it doesn't matter and that's just what life 0:11:00.480,0:11:02.480 Life is gonna go around in a circle 0:11:02.700,0:11:07.549 If you don't overcome the obstacle that you're supposed to lay, you're gonna repeat it again 0:11:07.890,0:11:13.879 Mm-hmm, maybe in a different form of fashion, but you will repeat it. That's very true. And that's just like in a relationship, you know 0:11:16.170,0:11:19.550 Be like oh oh man ain't shit, right, okay 0:11:19.550,0:11:23.930 All right, if all man ain't shit, what are you bringing to table, essentially? 0:11:23.930,0:11:27.169 And and I think that's a bad thing to say. Is that what are you bringing to the table? 0:11:27.170,0:11:32.690 But it's just like have you looked in the mirror? Mm-hmm, you know because I think I'm not shit a lot of the time exactly 0:11:33.270,0:11:36.530 and that's fine because I I filled out ways to sometimes and 0:11:37.650,0:11:41.599 You just gotta figure it out. Yeah, you know, you gotta you gotta get your level of a shit 0:11:41.600,0:11:44.210 Right, but history repeats itself. It doesn't matter 0:11:44.970,0:11:52.160 Yeah, I think that's what like that's where we're going because we're we're dancin so fast. Yeah, it was just like 0:11:53.130,0:11:56.059 Still we don't know what to do it. There's almost it's almost like 0:11:57.180,0:12:00.560 Moment to moment to moment to moment and the moments almost too quick 0:12:00.590,0:12:04.099 Yeah, you know and I kind of gets fogged up and just scrolling 0:12:04.100,0:12:04.910 It's calling, you know 0:12:04.910,0:12:10.459 I mean now I mean the future is about like content and stuff like that but for like if you if you can 0:12:10.650,0:12:13.219 You know, the digital contents always gonna be there now 0:12:13.220,0:12:15.220 You might you have to adjust to that way your hook 0:12:15.240,0:12:22.789 You also gotta got to understand how that analog oral comment because that's this is better that that's Thomas, you know yesterday, you know 0:12:23.310,0:12:25.310 somebody made a interesting post about how 0:12:26.460,0:12:28.460 if you were born from 0:12:29.040,0:12:30.510 1986 to 0:12:30.510,0:12:33.619 1995 it's very interesting how I said that you know 0:12:33.620,0:12:35.010 We do get the best of both worlds 0:12:35.010,0:12:39.890 We get to see the hard work ethic of the generation before us and we get to see 0:12:40.470,0:12:45.440 Technology and at its best so we kind of understand a mix of what's going on 0:12:45.440,0:12:47.809 yeah, and I think that's so cool because it's just like 0:12:48.330,0:12:54.439 Huh never thought about like that, you know, yeah, I did generational but as much as people say I hate this generation 0:12:54.440,0:12:56.440 There's a lot of this Jay 0:12:56.440,0:13:00.210 we're in the best generation or literally like right like you said like 0:13:00.430,0:13:03.870 We have the past as influenced who were kind of we still kind of got to grasp that 0:13:03.870,0:13:06.899 Yeah, you know and now we're just pulling pulling, you know 0:13:06.900,0:13:13.920 We're headed towards the future and that's kind of wild. Like my book is called first-gen because like see we're first-generation Africans 0:13:13.920,0:13:17.849 so that's already a whole nother part of that equation there being this kind of like 0:13:17.850,0:13:21.689 You know that generational gap kind of thing and they could have never imagined 0:13:21.690,0:13:26.820 You know us being what we're becoming or what we are right now. So that's like a first-gen 0:13:27.910,0:13:33.990 Entendre that I also kind of the win there too. Because yeah, man, the features is here. It's kind of dobra 0:13:34.120,0:13:41.789 Yeah, it's cool. It's cool. It's just that you know, as far as this is just this generation. It's just like we 0:13:42.340,0:13:46.980 We had we don't know really hostile honest it but we've harnessed it. Hmm and 0:13:48.160,0:13:51.810 When we get to that point what we do harness it game over, you know 0:13:52.180,0:13:58.949 And it's just like if you pay attention to economy or economic system general is that there's always one 0:13:59.230,0:14:04.259 Generation that does it the best and it make it last for a few generations 0:14:04.930,0:14:06.220 because 0:14:06.220,0:14:12.389 Did the millennial generation, you know, they're making it but it's not really sane, you know, so they're going on there 0:14:12.550,0:14:17.550 They're going with that and you know, it's kind of affecting them where it doesn't really affect us anymore 0:14:17.550,0:14:21.990 I mean as much because we can like you can you could dial out at any point, you know? 0:14:21.990,0:14:25.740 You can you don't have to you can you can disconnect? I think that's the best part for it 0:14:25.770,0:14:30.930 Yeah, that's connect that any plan you understand how to disconnect we went outside for goodness sakes, you know, hmm 0:14:31.230,0:14:37.920 We're outside like sunup to sundown like yeah. Yeah, and that's the thing. You know, it's it's crazy to me because I'm just like 0:14:39.160,0:14:40.390 I 0:14:40.390,0:14:44.490 Just don't I don't think people understand that, you know, the world is gonna get shitty to go soon 0:14:45.460,0:14:49.470 And then it's gonna build itself back up because whenever it is a shitty place, you know 0:14:49.470,0:14:53.009 There's a demand to pick it back. All right, there's only this lonely way to go up literally 0:14:53.010,0:14:55.010 It's the only way to go up but oh 0:14:55.360,0:14:57.839 It's a lot to me. Um as far as 0:14:59.530,0:15:02.339 Just life you know, it's a very interesting 0:15:03.700,0:15:05.790 you mentioned your book we go ahead and 0:15:07.180,0:15:12.939 Scott first-gen yeah, was it about so first Jen is kind of like a like I said earlier, you know 0:15:13.459,0:15:14.870 Being a first-generation 0:15:14.870,0:15:16.870 Nigerian immigrant, I guess 0:15:17.779,0:15:19.779 the United States and just 0:15:19.910,0:15:20.860 Just you know 0:15:20.860,0:15:23.289 just growing up in that in that bubble in that hole because 0:15:23.660,0:15:26.230 Your parents are also being influenced by a lot of these stuff 0:15:26.269,0:15:30.729 My mom just early on I used to disgust be disgusted at Burger King 0:15:30.730,0:15:35.709 You know, I remember I went my first Burger King bike that shit up almost to look you know I'm saying 0:15:35.709,0:15:39.489 But now I can probably pull up and eat breaking. Yeah, I feel like you know 0:15:40.370,0:15:45.489 yeah, so yeah, just being a first-generation African but also this is kind of my first generation of uh 0:15:46.310,0:15:52.929 Works that I'd say these are fine works of art. You know, these are these are well thought out these are very 0:15:56.329,0:15:57.550 Strategic pieces of art 0:15:57.550,0:15:59.620 You know also and not not also not 0:15:59.930,0:16:04.539 strategic in a sense that along this is what I'm gonna put out and it's gonna be like this what strategic guys and this is 0:16:04.540,0:16:06.430 Clean cut is thorough, you know 0:16:06.430,0:16:07.009 this is 0:16:07.009,0:16:13.568 This is not being put out just you know for any kind of other things to really touch the people and stories 0:16:13.569,0:16:19.629 You know about the stories. I mean, that's one thing that you know, we talk about or I talk about in general 0:16:20.300,0:16:23.740 Probably if there's one thing I'll talk about just not talk about legacy 0:16:23.899,0:16:29.438 Yeah, you know it's so important, you know, a lot of people they talk about or not even people 0:16:29.439,0:16:35.619 It's just like Nigerians in general, you know, your legacy or your children, and I'm just like yeah, that's good. But 0:16:36.800,0:16:41.050 To me. I just feel like I should have some type of guide for my kids like, you know 0:16:41.050,0:16:43.659 I want you to know exactly what was going on. Mm-hmm 0:16:44.209,0:16:49.659 This time of my life or when I dropped this project. I did this, you know, I just think I think it's important because 0:16:51.259,0:16:57.039 We have the ability to leave that footprint, yeah, we really do definitely like your great 0:16:58.100,0:16:59.529 grandkids times 10 0:16:59.529,0:17:03.099 Can you see a picture of you when you're young or there is? 0:17:03.470,0:17:06.939 Looking at a video of you want now or anything really, you know? 0:17:07.459,0:17:11.828 Not just I just find that fascinating. But yeah, I think that's kind of what like, uh 0:17:12.409,0:17:17.049 Even this this whole book project kind of thing is just kind of bought it's just like just that that imprint 0:17:17.049,0:17:21.819 yeah, you know just that that way to let you know like it's coming is here, you know, I'm saying like 0:17:22.590,0:17:24.530 You know, this is just our live clone thing 0:17:24.530,0:17:26.460 so this is this is a good a 0:17:26.460,0:17:30.799 good staple and you can see all the things that I was blowing at this moment in time because 0:17:31.860,0:17:35.090 it's all he's just gonna keep stretching, you know as 0:17:35.610,0:17:38.120 With a sore eyes with new day, and that doesn't mean you know 0:17:38.250,0:17:42.229 That's the only kind of directions we're gonna go but this is just a state below, you know 0:17:42.900,0:17:44.900 Just work kind of thing 0:17:45.090,0:17:47.090 the process of the book 0:17:47.460,0:17:50.960 Like when did you get the idea to do it? I 0:17:51.630,0:17:57.050 Got earlier this year actually. Yeah, um, I was coming around just just a lot of headspace and I was like 0:17:57.050,0:17:59.050 I don't really want people to have something tangible 0:17:59.430,0:18:01.430 you know cuz I 0:18:01.470,0:18:03.470 know I know how it is being a 0:18:04.590,0:18:05.660 Consumer yeah 0:18:05.660,0:18:07.700 You know as often as I create 0:18:07.700,0:18:12.319 I still know how it is to be a consumer and I kind of try to think about how other artists influenced me 0:18:12.320,0:18:15.439 Yeah, and like I do have a bookshelf myself 0:18:15.440,0:18:19.820 so I see these books that I've had for like years and years and years and it could have just been like 0:18:21.240,0:18:25.460 You know just something that I've had whatever I have like what the alchemist or something like that you know 0:18:25.460,0:18:29.479 And it's just like that that's sitting there. You know, he knew I was gonna sit there. Yeah 0:18:29.480,0:18:34.910 It's probably a whole lot of I just read it. Yeah already last year. Yeah, I just forget I guess 0:18:34.910,0:18:38.779 Yeah, and I was just like what why didn't I pick this book up a long time ago? 0:18:38.780,0:18:41.030 Yeah, cuz I kind of know these things. Yeah freshmen 0:18:42.780,0:18:48.349 Oh so mad at myself, but I just like them right I could have used it's probably like last year a year before that 0:18:48.930,0:18:51.979 But I guess that's the beauty of time and you know, yeah 0:18:52.860,0:18:54.860 But that's straight bro. Um 0:18:55.380,0:18:57.380 Talk about yourself, you know 0:18:58.350,0:19:00.350 You definitely had this bass 0:19:02.190,0:19:08.210 Fishbowl of knowledge, you know, did that come natural? Did you do you read? 0:19:10.170,0:19:16.550 Maybe all that look. Yeah. Yeah, just living my life kind of thing. I love reading. I'm always reading. I'm always in a book 0:19:17.280,0:19:20.960 I'm always studying something like even just allow process information 0:19:21.030,0:19:27.619 it's just like, you know, everything is kind of information that like I I told myself because it was just like 0:19:27.620,0:19:32.030 You know elementary school, you know people just call me weird and whatever it be funny 0:19:32.030,0:19:37.169 we were all my life and you know some writers decide maybe you just accept that your you decide I mean 0:19:37.720,0:19:40.500 there's a point where you have to but you know, I 0:19:41.500,0:19:45.689 Don't know. I just the way I process things. I just felt like it wasn't normal 0:19:45.850,0:19:51.449 There's no there's no reason I should be thinking about this not at this age, you know, but I don't know 0:19:51.450,0:19:53.450 I find that fascinating too 0:19:53.889,0:19:55.389 but 0:19:55.389,0:20:00.899 It's one of those things that you know, you just have to accept and learn how to utilize 0:20:01.630,0:20:05.549 Man, I think that's where we are right now. Learn how to utilize our odd 0:20:06.340,0:20:10.230 Individuality, you know a whole our whole thing kind of thing. Oh, 0:20:11.260,0:20:14.459 No, that's the thing. I I thought to myself that uh 0:20:15.309,0:20:20.398 You know, how can I be myself? And I think that's where I'll never right now is I being myself like that stuff 0:20:20.590,0:20:22.590 That's to go was the end-all be-all 0:20:22.620,0:20:27.839 All right, you know truth if I didn't live my life to be myself like I just started making my own sailors, you know 0:20:27.880,0:20:33.989 It's very hard enough in the immigrant household two no-decisions agree. But I mean, that's where we are right now 0:20:35.470,0:20:37.149 even today like 0:20:37.149,0:20:41.909 Just trying to push and like change the narrative because I don't know. It's not to say that I'm right 0:20:41.909,0:20:46.979 But it's just like I just feel like things need to be penny more. I agree. Yeah 0:20:48.669,0:20:50.669 There's always a there's 0:20:51.159,0:20:52.980 Always a need to be better 0:20:52.980,0:20:58.559 Yeah, you know endlessly it just bothers me that people that people don't want to be better. That bothers me the most 0:20:59.440,0:21:03.419 But I just feel like I can't change nobody why I'm coming to take something 0:21:03.419,0:21:07.109 You can't change nobody put yourself and even changing yourself 0:21:07.110,0:21:11.699 that's that's a whole nother thing cuz and you know, you know, and now, you know, you want to change and I was like 0:21:12.789,0:21:17.398 I'm I ready to confront that. Yeah, that's like the fear that you have to work through to you know 0:21:17.399,0:21:20.399 There's certain things about everybody that we'd want to change like, yeah 0:21:21.039,0:21:24.388 Say I'm gonna wake up for the next year at five o'clock 0:21:25.330,0:21:28.949 I'm gonna do it cuz then you know just like shit just fucking job early. Yes 0:21:28.950,0:21:33.990 I can be up you know, and this is like sometimes you might wake up a cemetery like that job is code as though 0:21:37.330,0:21:41.039 There will be days like, you know, like we're in this era of self-help 0:21:41.039,0:21:46.079 But yeah, you know, I don't know like I kind of stopped I've strayed myself away from it 0:21:46.080,0:21:48.689 But I still talk about it because I still want people to do that, you know 0:21:48.690,0:21:51.270 And I just feel like whenever I open my mouth 0:21:51.270,0:21:54.540 I'm not trying to give you fluff and that's what everybody else to check myself fluff 0:21:54.790,0:21:59.219 Yeah, you know that's annoying at this point, you know because just like qualities 0:22:00.160,0:22:03.959 Quality is uh, self-help gurus and everything like that, you know 0:22:05.020,0:22:07.020 It's still a bunch of miserable 0:22:09.250,0:22:11.250 That is that is though 0:22:11.650,0:22:16.919 That's crazy. And and I don't know it's it's just annoying because I 0:22:17.500,0:22:22.500 Just I just have this like desire to see people grow need to know me to move 0:22:22.500,0:22:25.349 it it bothers me how you know, you see people 0:22:26.200,0:22:33.840 Just in general like I say somebody is working at a job that animation or just like look I wonder what happen. Mmm like 0:22:34.419,0:22:37.079 What went on in your lifetime that you're just like, I don't know 0:22:37.080,0:22:41.850 I don't think I can do it right that. I yeah. Yeah, and that's the thing like that's why we all are right now 0:22:41.850,0:22:44.219 We're literally sitting at an edge. Mm-hmm. I 0:22:44.770,0:22:48.540 Mean you gonna jump or what? You can fall you could fall man 0:22:48.640,0:22:54.780 You can fall a hundred times like, you know, that ledge is the interesting list cuz it's like it's gonna teacher every time. Yeah, so 0:22:55.780,0:22:57.549 It's just gonna leap out 0:22:57.549,0:23:02.219 After every leap you go. Are you gonna take every leap every time you could take that leaving is one of those leaps? 0:23:02.220,0:23:08.250 I'm gonna land and that's the thing, you know because people think that um, you know, once you make it you're good, you know 0:23:08.250,0:23:10.250 Yeah, there's another leader 0:23:12.160,0:23:14.160 Like there's a mountain and 0:23:15.040,0:23:17.040 You can climb that mountain 0:23:17.200,0:23:25.169 But there's another mountain as soon as you get down. Yeah, except. Oh, it's not that you climb the mountain and you just walk on 0:23:26.290,0:23:28.270 a trail and 0:23:28.270,0:23:29.950 then run into another 0:23:29.950,0:23:31.720 Mountain then who knows when that could be? 0:23:31.720,0:23:34.350 Mm-hmm, or you can go straight because it you know 0:23:34.350,0:23:38.640 It's people are just like they always got shake going on back to back to back 0:23:38.640,0:23:41.579 I'm just like I don't want that like, you know 0:23:41.580,0:23:49.260 Mm-hmm, but that's just to say look like, you know, you're never gonna finish like I work it I work at 24 hour fitness 0:23:49.929,0:23:51.929 personal trainer and and 0:23:53.140,0:23:55.259 When I talk to people I'll talk about their goals 0:23:55.600,0:24:01.020 I'm just like like I'm less, you know right now you're never gonna get the buddy that you want because you're never gonna be satisfied 0:24:01.530,0:24:06.599 Hmm, but you said and that's the thing. It's just like you should never really really be satisfied with yourself. Mm-hmm 0:24:06.960,0:24:08.960 You should always seek some type of greater 0:24:09.520,0:24:15.690 Greater cause that's just you know, because it's it's really annoying to see people say okay. I wanna lose weight 0:24:15.690,0:24:19.049 Well, what do you want to do when you after you lose weight, you know very well 0:24:19.050,0:24:22.409 Who do you want to attract your husband your wife, right? Why are you losing weight? 0:24:22.410,0:24:24.930 this is your health, you know yet yeah, you know just 0:24:25.780,0:24:27.780 It's heavy to wake up every morning. Yeah 0:24:28.870,0:24:32.430 That's just one thing. You know, I don't really understand but I mean, here we are 0:24:33.400,0:24:35.400 living that life and 0:24:35.410,0:24:40.920 Not we're getting into this era of being conscious, but I'll be really conscious 0:24:42.100,0:24:45.480 We conscious though. Yeah a I they treat me 0:24:46.000,0:24:50.849 That is that trust me. Yeah, I can act Siri. Hey Siri, what song is this? 0:24:51.670,0:24:56.909 She'll tell me and this song can be from almost any generation. That is the trapeze 0:24:56.950,0:25:00.059 That's like I love that though because I'll do that like 10 times a day 0:25:01.930,0:25:07.710 This carrot is only scary to the point where it's just like, you know, we have this self reliance on certain things 0:25:08.230,0:25:14.849 Now we're more reliant on our cellphones than anything. Yeah, they stuck with it. Yeah, I know for sure. Like I'm not leaving my room 0:25:15.820,0:25:17.820 It's like another arm. Yeah, yeah 0:25:18.280,0:25:22.920 Fingers. Yeah, and like, you know like back in the day we used to talk about how 0:25:25.390,0:25:32.249 You know in the Bible they talk about you know, something about a chick they don't say that shit moving people talk about it 0:25:32.250,0:25:34.250 Right. I know 0:25:38.920,0:25:40.920 Nighttime 0:25:47.020,0:25:51.239 But then that shit is crazy, yeah, I thought about that 14, I remember that I 0:25:51.910,0:25:58.170 Remember reading that I remember being so attracted to revelations. Yes, young gone. Just cuz I was I don't know 0:25:58.170,0:26:02.849 I just like that concept. Yeah of the end of the world. Yeah, not that the world is ending but I 0:26:03.430,0:26:07.769 Suppose the portrayal. Yeah. I just I just want to know I'm gonna know shit, you know 0:26:07.770,0:26:12.989 And when he came down to the cadaverine revelation, like there's two times in my life that I've read it like 0:26:14.080,0:26:18.899 Everything anywhere because it was think about why they put it laughs. Yeah, and it was tricky it's weird 0:26:18.900,0:26:21.869 Yeah, they're gonna put it in the middle and why not have had the same power. Yeah. Yeah 0:26:21.870,0:26:25.109 Yeah, and that's the thing because when you read it, you're just like, huh? 0:26:25.690,0:26:31.440 Because it's a lot of symbolism. Mmm. Yeah, like, you know and I use this a lot 0:26:32.200,0:26:37.950 The angel that standing on land and water and I use that when I'm talking about somebody 0:26:38.500,0:26:42.989 Trying to make a decision. Mm-hmm. Like like you said on land water right now 0:26:42.990,0:26:47.130 Where do you want to go? Right, you know, and that's that's what it talks about and 0:26:48.310,0:26:55.229 It's just our brother. So trippy and like even when it comes to religion night, that's a whole nother thing, you know, I uh, 0:26:55.870,0:26:57.870 Religion is really interesting too. Yeah, because 0:26:58.720,0:27:04.860 Yeah, I think even like even like even away from the religion like I used to like played drums for my mom's Church 0:27:05.680,0:27:10.019 So it's like and back then I hated it. Yeah, you know like I despise it 0:27:10.050,0:27:15.210 I hate hate. I hate I hated setting it up and then taking it down and I did it like twice a week 0:27:15.210,0:27:19.889 Yeah, and suddenly and it's not like I was good at it or anything like that, but I just left it alone here 0:27:19.890,0:27:24.420 but you know music comes back around it came back around like three years later and then suddenly I'm 0:27:24.580,0:27:29.849 making beats and then suddenly I'm trying to get instruments and now, you know stuff like that the 0:27:30.370,0:27:35.640 Religion is interesting to how it influences people. I was thinking about how like I was thinking about the truth 0:27:35.640,0:27:36.030 You know 0:27:36.030,0:27:42.359 What makes the truth the truth and it's like a room full of people big-ass room full of people can all have one truth 0:27:42.610,0:27:48.900 That can make it the truth. But as soon as somebody steps out that room it might not be the truth anymore. So 0:27:49.810,0:27:54.210 What is the truth especially with religion and stuff like that? Because it's all kind of same stories - yeah, isn't it? 0:27:54.210,0:27:57.029 So it looks like there might have been one common truth though 0:27:57.460,0:28:00.840 And that's the thing because I'm I I try to adventure it 0:28:00.840,0:28:06.359 Well, I'm not venture and I just want to gain a basic understanding of different religions and you know, what? 0:28:06.430,0:28:08.580 What is this? Is it is it logical? 0:28:09.310,0:28:10.720 rational 0:28:10.720,0:28:14.790 And pretty much they're all the same. You know, it's not a do's and dont's to live your life 0:28:14.860,0:28:16.590 Yeah to be to be fair 0:28:16.590,0:28:22.709 I think Christianity is one of those religions that has proven that if you follow this, religiously, you're gonna make it 0:28:23.290,0:28:25.469 So so, you know, there's a few people 0:28:27.160,0:28:34.060 Don't want to get into white supremacy right now a man. Yeah like yeah, it's a thing but I 0:28:35.030,0:28:39.369 Don't like right now like, you know, it's not that I stopped going to China side one on my model show 0:28:39.370,0:28:41.620 But I'm just like I'm trying to figure it out for myself 0:28:42.080,0:28:49.479 There's a of course I like the idea but I love the idea of concepts and all that those concepts motivate me. I 0:28:50.000,0:28:51.160 Asked it I said, okay 0:28:51.160,0:28:54.609 I can read the Bible sometimes on because it's just like I get it but 0:28:54.980,0:29:00.340 What is it going to be to the point where I I truly believe it because you know idea niggas niggas 0:29:01.910,0:29:03.910 Thank you, alright 0:29:04.070,0:29:06.999 I'll put a check. I'll look I'll let them to say 0:29:08.090,0:29:12.549 Does this person that is reciting this message do they live the life do they believe that? 0:29:12.550,0:29:15.669 Yeah, do they believe it? Do you live the life that you thought that you talk about? 0:29:16.250,0:29:17.330 walking in righteous 0:29:17.330,0:29:22.869 And you know one thing that I hate about religion is that they always come and backhand you with a warm only human 0:29:23.020,0:29:25.119 What the fuck does that mean? I get it 0:29:25.120,0:29:32.050 I really do get it but I don't know if am that's like that's like me talking about is one of these self-help 0:29:32.050,0:29:33.920 gurus, you know 0:29:33.920,0:29:36.519 You can do it if you believe me achieve 0:29:37.130,0:29:42.280 Mmm, but you are here with a drug addiction or whatever. Mm-hmm and like that's annoying 0:29:44.900,0:29:46.900 But 0:29:47.510,0:29:48.650 Religion is 0:29:48.650,0:29:54.430 Very interesting to me. It is very interesting because this is like I don't even when I would when I look at religious now 0:29:54.430,0:30:00.549 I just look at everybody has to be dark. Yeah, right. So now if we really know we're really gonna have fun religion 0:30:00.550,0:30:02.550 I'm gonna make everybody look 0:30:02.960,0:30:06.849 Like me, so like I even play with you know how everybody plays with those concepts now 0:30:06.850,0:30:09.190 Yeah, like we are the gods and all that stuff 0:30:09.190,0:30:14.769 I mean and I guess I guess that concept itself even comes from like like Egypt I guess or whatever, you know 0:30:14.770,0:30:17.499 and that's a whole nother kind of religion too because 0:30:18.050,0:30:21.700 Sphinx and all that they listen to some other other stuff. Oh, yeah 0:30:21.700,0:30:25.869 Yeah, and that's the thing like, you know, we talked about it. Like you said you mentioned the Egyptians and whatnot 0:30:25.900,0:30:32.469 it is weird because they were sore at that's Steve so events and like they're still trying to figure out like 0:30:32.510,0:30:34.510 You know the pyramids right? Hmm 0:30:34.880,0:30:35.990 they're 0:30:35.990,0:30:40.450 Mathematically correct right on the world and they're trying to figure out like yo 0:30:41.000,0:30:45.559 Are you sure they just right they did that shit man. They did that shit 0:30:46.860,0:30:53.270 Every generation it's gonna be good. Yeah, they did that shit. Yeah, but I don't some trebuchet 0:30:53.970,0:30:59.540 It's big so true because like I was thinking like how they are pyramids around the whole world, right? But 0:31:00.630,0:31:05.660 Take it I feel like and but they're all they're all different cultures, right? So all these different cultures 0:31:05.700,0:31:11.120 yeah, and like there's even once in like, you know Asia and all that so we all have these pyramids and I was thinking like 0:31:11.700,0:31:15.290 Harold how was ha where did this signal come from? 0:31:15.290,0:31:19.399 Yeah, and I had to think like the signal probably came from when it was like Pangea 0:31:19.400,0:31:25.249 Yeah, you know it was there was a certain commonality and then it just became in into certain people indigenous peoples blood 0:31:25.250,0:31:28.969 Yeah, it's even more like like to talk about my sculptures because it's like yeah 0:31:28.970,0:31:33.980 I I want you to know where they're from because it gives them a certain representation like yeah 0:31:33.980,0:31:35.480 This is an original person 0:31:35.480,0:31:41.059 They kind of knew they knew what they knew themselves or or what they thought there was themselves or you know 0:31:41.059,0:31:44.178 However, the clothes they worked with himself. So it's really crazy. Yeah 0:31:45.270,0:31:50.869 You know, I was just dating by the tuna. I just talking about like the Bible stuff and like I 0:31:51.450,0:31:57.260 Questioned a lot and I feel like it's okay to question. Yeah, some people just like no you can't be asking these questions 0:31:57.260,0:32:01.849 I love questions. Yeah, I mean I expression because I genuinely want to know hmm 0:32:02.040,0:32:03.809 So I was thinking about it, you know 0:32:03.809,0:32:09.889 And it's not to say that it's not the master Bible anything but you know thinking about when Jesus fed 0:32:10.260,0:32:14.689 5,000 people with five local fishes sounds really crazy if I if you hear it, right? 0:32:16.650,0:32:23.809 And a part of me is wondering like the writer who wrote that. Mm-hmm. What were you trying to 0:32:24.480,0:32:27.770 Convey. Yeah. Yeah it what are you trying to say about Jesus? Yeah 0:32:28.320,0:32:34.970 But to be on light and that's the thing because everybody talks about Jesus, right? Yeah. Hey, Jesus was a dick. All right 0:32:35.880,0:32:37.880 No, Jesus could have been cool as hell 0:32:39.240,0:32:44.270 He could have been cool. But if I do say no certain dialogues where you say damn, here's why you so mean 0:32:47.400,0:32:52.849 Jesus probably always like I'm right. Okay. I'm right. Just let me just listen to what I'm saying, but 0:32:53.429,0:32:57.649 It was just like you're so nonchalant about everything that you did, but he did it 0:32:57.650,0:33:00.440 Yeah, and like it's like y'all didn't know later. Yeah, I 0:33:01.470,0:33:05.779 Find interesting even like that five thousand those things cuz I was thinking about that 0:33:06.330,0:33:08.629 Other day - were like even Jesus being I guess 0:33:09.150,0:33:11.900 One of the somebody had leprosy right or something 0:33:11.900,0:33:15.950 Oh and they were blind or something like that, or maybe no, it was just like they were blind 0:33:15.950,0:33:20.480 I don't know if they had leprosy but you know back then it could have been like Jesus could have just been like 0:33:21.570,0:33:27.019 That doesn't mean that person can't see ya. That means Jesus may just trying to show them something they didn't see before 0:33:27.900,0:33:28.910 You know what I'm saying? 0:33:28.910,0:33:29.570 Like, okay 0:33:29.570,0:33:35.419 You know like you are blind but now you kind of see because who know that person that person might not have been 0:33:35.760,0:33:38.030 Visually blond like sir, you know happens everyday, you know 0:33:38.030,0:33:42.229 Like certain epiphanies and then you see a different equation and just your life, you know 0:33:42.230,0:33:48.050 Just like I was blind to that moment and now seeing maybe Jesus helped me and now can tell somebody. Oh my god 0:33:48.050,0:33:51.169 She just helped me see. Yeah, but somebody's gonna be like 0:33:51.720,0:33:54.709 He helped you see you know, it's like you have wrong 0:33:54.710,0:34:00.259 You know, it's like yeah, it's just really trippy how stories can blend even with the five thousand loaves. It's like 0:34:00.990,0:34:07.430 It could have been five loaves broke. Yeah, but maybe he's like okay if I get five families dinner 0:34:08.730,0:34:14.270 So they won't die tonight. Maybe they can feed their five thousand other families. Yeah, you know or 0:34:14.970,0:34:18.679 Just certain ways to look at stories and its really hilarious 0:34:22.470,0:34:27.380 My you after I really do try to look at things from a different and take it from a different approach 0:34:27.900,0:34:32.839 Whether it's radical whether it's logical and really I want to see some things from a logical standpoint 0:34:32.840,0:34:37.039 Like what are we doing here right now? What are we? What are we talking about? Right because at the end of the day like 0:34:38.669,0:34:42.529 This bullshit meter mmm, it's awful. I 0:34:43.560,0:34:45.560 know when 0:34:45.990,0:34:49.729 bullshit is there yeah, and I just I think it just comes with time because it's just like 0:34:50.760,0:34:57.320 you just don't not like the people will talk as if they want you they have your best interest and it's just like 0:34:57.570,0:34:59.010 Doing it, really 0:34:59.010,0:35:02.660 And I'll be digging like I'm just like oh no, hmm 0:35:02.670,0:35:09.020 Like body language the way you perceive things where you're talking about things. Are you optimistic? Cuz I'm very mr 0:35:09.020,0:35:11.060 person Blacula I can definitely be a 0:35:12.780,0:35:18.590 Melancholy yeah, right. It could definitely be shady. Yeah. Yeah and like I don't know I got I've 0:35:19.440,0:35:22.490 Thought about this concept for a long time about darkness, right? 0:35:22.490,0:35:28.040 You know like we have this dark side to us and it's just like you need to play with that dark side, man 0:35:28.410,0:35:31.850 Either play with it man. You gotta play with it daily. Yeah 0:35:31.850,0:35:35.329 yeah, you got a shadow box lid and that's the thing is just because uh 0:35:36.480,0:35:42.230 In my lifetime like recently. I'm only 26 right but like I feel like I've lived a long time 0:35:44.460,0:35:48.710 Yeah, it is a lot yeah if you if you bought if it's myself, you know 0:35:48.740,0:35:50.870 Yeah next to 86 million or something 0:35:50.870,0:35:55.399 And that's the thing cause like, you know, I was always like a quiet calm person, you know 0:35:55.400,0:36:01.250 I'm still calm but it's just like quiet sometimes, you know, I do have this on the side where just like I'm yelling 0:36:01.250,0:36:05.239 I don't yell. But like I'm uh, thanks for wearing it, right? Yeah 0:36:05.240,0:36:12.320 Yeah, I don't like talking as much but I like I like to sit back and like observe. Mm-hmm. That's just one thing and like 0:36:14.340,0:36:17.870 Channeling that inner darkness, you know, yes been something it's been something real 0:36:17.870,0:36:20.899 Yeah, and that's the crazy part about it because it's just like, huh? 0:36:22.320,0:36:23.970 what do you 0:36:23.970,0:36:28.040 What are you gonna do? Like, what are you getting right it? You can't run from it and like that's the thing 0:36:28.040,0:36:33.560 I feel like people run away from their darkness. Yeah, and it doesn't darkness doesn't necessarily have to symbolize bad, right? 0:36:33.630,0:36:37.130 You know, it doesn't have to be negative at all. It could just be your daily darkness 0:36:37.130,0:36:41.120 Yes, it could be certain certain nuances within even the way you talked 0:36:41.120,0:36:41.540 You know 0:36:41.540,0:36:45.649 It could be the way you look at a certain person whether they don't give you something or when they say no to you 0:36:45.680,0:36:48.830 Yeah, you know doesn't mean that's a negative things just like, you know 0:36:48.830,0:36:54.229 Maybe I should fix that about myself. So that person doesn't feel like they're in the wrong product. Ya know 0:36:54.300,0:37:01.909 I'm in a constant round of a realm of trying to be a better person isn't there, you know, like 0:37:02.820,0:37:09.199 You go how you talked about you wake up at 7:30. You just I thought fuck this right it's normal 0:37:09.380,0:37:11.780 All right. It's so normal like Doby times like 0:37:12.480,0:37:16.520 Sometimes I struggle like putting out of Episode II it was just like always in my head 0:37:16.520,0:37:21.199 I'm always in my head and that's also part. That's the darkness the real advice. Yes I'm saying 0:37:21.200,0:37:23.540 Yeah, and that's the thing. I was talking to like, uh 0:37:25.079,0:37:31.399 One of my friends she's a life coach and I don't like when she uh, I don't like what she like try sex you 0:37:32.190,0:37:36.200 Think it's for my head. So I'm this I think I think I was smart enough to know was alright 0:37:36.200,0:37:41.510 I'm gonna get into my head, right but like she's cool. Like I love her. Yeah, but she's just like like 0:37:43.470,0:37:49.939 It's not to say that I feel like I'm on another level I already do feel like that. Mm-hmm, but 0:37:50.940,0:37:53.690 It's like the things I think about you know 0:37:54.480,0:37:56.480 the questions that I ask and just 0:37:57.180,0:38:00.740 In general like my overall life. Well it actually you have nothing to of my life 0:38:00.740,0:38:06.679 It's just everything that I've been gifted with. Mmm. Why is that, you know, like especially when it comes to religion 0:38:06.680,0:38:08.680 She just tells me you know 0:38:09.480,0:38:10.530 Well 0:38:10.530,0:38:14.749 It's a very risky thing, you know. Mm-hmm it is it is risky 0:38:15.329,0:38:20.659 and I think that a lot of people don't understand the repercussions of 0:38:21.030,0:38:26.479 Trying to reach into that side and she said that you punished it, but you just have to learn how to contain it 0:38:26.599,0:38:28.440 I think that I think that's what we already 0:38:28.440,0:38:29.010 Yeah 0:38:29.010,0:38:31.010 that is what we already know because I 0:38:31.260,0:38:36.589 don't there's not even necessarily even a bad side suit to that because I was doing another day like, um 0:38:37.230,0:38:40.490 Even with a theist so see what they don't even believe in anything, you know 0:38:41.250,0:38:47.329 The whole thing is faith-based. So you can't I still have to have faith that there's nothing out there, you know. Yeah 0:38:48.420,0:38:51.710 That's a scary part too because women especially when your customer religion is your site 0:38:51.810,0:38:52.310 Yeah 0:38:52.310,0:38:57.259 I don't want to get to the end of time and there was everything that they told me as a kid was a lie 0:38:57.260,0:39:01.399 That's gonna piss me. I can't believe anybody in 2019 except myself 0:39:01.400,0:39:07.339 I can't even believe it like I could understand concepts and I could play with it all day and I can even 0:39:07.470,0:39:13.069 Harness that energy and use that you know as synthesis to you know, I can make a whole concept of it, you know 0:39:13.069,0:39:14.280 but it's just like 0:39:14.280,0:39:15.930 I'm not gonna believe some 0:39:15.930,0:39:21.710 Spaceship came to Egypt. I'm not gonna believe Jesus walked on water. I'm not gonna believe you know, 0:39:22.290,0:39:25.189 All these other things on margins gonna be like those are amazing 0:39:25.319,0:39:29.509 Stories of people doing amazing things and I think I can be just as amazing 0:39:29.510,0:39:34.019 yeah, you know I'm saying so it's just like it just depends on you kind of digest that thing and 0:39:34.539,0:39:36.539 Yes, like Wow, yeah 0:39:36.880,0:39:38.880 people talk about Jesus as if like 0:39:40.239,0:39:43.678 It's not to say that Jesus wasn't special Jesus. Just knew the way 0:39:44.109,0:39:46.109 Hmm and Jesus was himself 0:39:46.179,0:39:51.899 Like we talk about how Jesus did his his stuff when he was little 0:39:52.239,0:39:54.239 Jesus came back on the scene when he was 33 0:39:54.999,0:39:56.999 What happened in between that time? 0:39:59.319,0:40:04.948 See but that's the thing about it because you get it as a story you could just if you look at about as I got 0:40:04.949,0:40:10.139 Stories. Well, I guess the artha just decided to jump or whoever these arches are. Maybe they don't want you to know 0:40:10.140,0:40:12.179 It's like whatever like, you know 0:40:12.880,0:40:14.880 We'll never know 0:40:15.880,0:40:20.729 Like if we'll never know then how can I believe I cannot listen anybody else if I just have to know from us? Well, yeah 0:40:21.519,0:40:24.419 See, that's the thing. It's just like, you know Jesus 0:40:25.420,0:40:28.829 Became this person whatever he went through in his 0:40:29.529,0:40:31.529 So-and-so years, you know 0:40:32.739,0:40:37.049 And like we talk about Jesus as if he's magical and just like no then think it was a big 0:40:38.109,0:40:40.438 Man, Jesus was he was something man 0:40:40.439,0:40:45.749 Yeah, he was and and I feel like you know, especially when it comes to religion is just saying, you know 0:40:45.749,0:40:52.289 They talked about being christ-like. Now, I think people who truly understand what that concept mean to be christ-like 0:40:53.559,0:40:57.508 Jesus was himself, you know nonchalant 0:40:59.619,0:41:04.169 But he knew you had to tap into the hearts to you as a son yeah, that's what he knew 0:41:04.170,0:41:07.859 He'd come up every morning and I think that's what it is. It's just knowing yeah 0:41:08.829,0:41:10.829 because 0:41:10.839,0:41:13.528 The devil talking about yo argue whatever you weren't 0:41:14.979,0:41:21.989 Just following right? What do you think? The modern-day devil is right now? Look what could be the modern-day. Uh, 0:41:23.439,0:41:28.529 you know a lot of the devil the pull is 0:41:29.799,0:41:35.518 there like visibility or is it static some type of energy is the ego is I 0:41:37.390,0:41:41.729 Don't think egos needed so maybe that goes back to how you know, we do need our shadows. Yeah 0:41:45.200,0:41:47.289 That's hard that is a hard one, yeah 0:41:48.020,0:41:48.910 That is a hard one 0:41:48.910,0:41:54.099 I've never really thought about that myself because I just know like there's a lot of who loopholes you can't call them to day 0:41:54.100,0:41:59.589 We Devils, you know, there's little don't cheat on your girlfriend. That's it and just just don't be able to go from this, you know 0:42:00.110,0:42:01.490 like 0:42:01.490,0:42:03.610 I think it's a 0:42:04.430,0:42:05.540 hmm 0:42:05.540,0:42:08.830 Because it could be anybody like yeah, you could react to some that 0:42:08.830,0:42:14.769 I won't even react whether vice versa and um, I don't know. Yeah and the deadly Devils 0:42:15.590,0:42:21.880 Everybody, you know somebody in your ears telling you hey, you know, you don't have to do anything today 0:42:21.880,0:42:28.059 Just just relax, you know, but that's stopping you from your greatness. No, that's an addict today off. Yeah 0:42:28.060,0:42:31.630 Yeah, and like, you know, it feels good after one day and you're saying you know what? 0:42:32.450,0:42:34.450 Just take another day off, right? 0:42:34.790,0:42:39.430 And then like it just happened then you you don't follow through on whatever mmm 0:42:39.590,0:42:41.350 I'm really hard on people, you know 0:42:41.350,0:42:45.670 Don't give a fuck accountability it like I owe you a fuck about whatever you're gonna do in life 0:42:45.860,0:42:49.930 Really hard on you as far as I getting your shit on, you know, just do that shit 0:42:49.930,0:42:54.129 Yeah, like I'll reach out to people like I see something about it 0:42:54.160,0:42:58.119 Like let's say if you if you had this book and not knew that you were gonna come out with a book 0:42:58.340,0:43:02.529 I'd probably on your ass be like yeah, what's going on right now? Cuz it's just like 0:43:04.100,0:43:08.259 We want to be great. Mm-hmm, but we don't want to do what it takes to be great 0:43:08.260,0:43:14.560 Yeah, we got a we got a fall in love with that process, you know, yeah that whole process that that that day 0:43:14.560,0:43:15.830 will you feel like 0:43:15.830,0:43:20.860 do I even have a voice you guys just shut the fuck up, you know and that's a day, you know, because 0:43:21.800,0:43:23.800 We talking about history 0:43:23.990,0:43:25.990 History is so important 0:43:26.630,0:43:27.980 you can either 0:43:27.980,0:43:33.400 Live and be a part of history. Mm-hmm, or you can watch history past. All right, unless somebody else write it. Yeah 0:43:33.430,0:43:39.639 I'm not writing for yourself. That's not even have your own it because um we talked about how you know, 0:43:40.190,0:43:44.859 JK Rowling she did this she got rejected 11 times or whatever. I'm just like 0:43:46.100,0:43:51.489 Yeah, you know your time will come but what are you doing in the meantime, right because that was her process. Yes 0:43:51.490,0:43:53.860 Maybe she wrote a character 100 0:43:54.610,0:44:00.869 You know, she could've wrote. You know, Harry could have been a smooth and not a sloppy, you know, silly dude 0:44:00.869,0:44:06.539 Yeah, and maybe they wouldn't you know and SS and she was probably not even thinking about the audience. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking 0:44:06.869,0:44:08.200 What makes this? 0:44:08.200,0:44:12.090 Magical. Yeah, and that's the thing about art, you know brings it to life, right? 0:44:12.090,0:44:16.559 Yeah, the best thing that you could ever ever do is try to hone in on that art 0:44:16.560,0:44:19.259 Yeah, you got I think that we are art, you know 0:44:19.260,0:44:24.869 We all look similar just a little bit, but it's one little thing. They want anything, right? 0:44:24.869,0:44:26.130 and you know 0:44:26.130,0:44:31.320 I think that's what makes us each special that we all know how to do something or we can all do something just in general 0:44:31.840,0:44:35.759 Yeah for like the best thing is for anybody. You know, it's just to find out what makes 0:44:36.340,0:44:41.639 What makes you tick? You know, not what somebody else does you makes you tick what makes you tick? You know, what makes you just 0:44:42.490,0:44:45.270 What makes you think? Hmm? How did that happen? 0:44:45.270,0:44:48.360 Yeah, you know just how did how does how did that person do that? 0:44:48.550,0:44:51.269 Or why does this make me feel this way Ahad. Why does? 0:44:51.910,0:44:53.619 Why does the Sun feel so good on my skin? 0:44:53.619,0:44:59.759 Yeah, you know just little things that make make make you you and you know, you can beat you can know being a dermatologist 0:44:59.760,0:45:02.639 I'm sure and you know figuring out how scheme works with like, you know 0:45:02.640,0:45:05.760 Just some you just gotta just do this. Just do the process 0:45:05.830,0:45:12.269 That's all because it's just like and that's anuria so exactly exactly I'm trying to figure shit out. Yeah, because 0:45:12.880,0:45:16.770 You really think about it, you know a thing about LeBron, you know 0:45:17.320,0:45:18.550 LeBron 0:45:18.550,0:45:22.800 He went to like ten different schools and like yeah, well 0:45:22.800,0:45:28.919 Then it was within a short amount of time because they report right rent was seven. I don't say 17 0:45:34.450,0:45:39.840 It was really really cheap and then was like in the hundreds like yeah low five hundred, you know 0:45:39.840,0:45:42.359 and they're moving from place to place and 0:45:42.970,0:45:46.590 you know, we always hear these stories about the prodigal child how 0:45:47.320,0:45:52.289 Yo, you're gonna make it but there's always that one guy for the hood 0:45:52.290,0:45:55.769 That's gonna carry the hood on his back. Right and that was LeBron, right and 0:45:56.380,0:45:58.380 LeBron could have made one mistake 0:45:58.720,0:46:05.639 One mistake and that would be the yeah, but he figured it out. Mm-hmm and you think about all these successful people 0:46:06.190,0:46:08.190 They figured it out, you know 0:46:08.590,0:46:12.659 And that's what you just need to like trying to like figure shit out for yourselves as I yeah 0:46:13.120,0:46:15.539 Because everybody's working on their own machine, you know 0:46:15.540,0:46:20.759 It's like that machine that you just got a that machine of, you know, getting up in the morning and knowing hey 0:46:20.760,0:46:21.480 This is what I love 0:46:21.480,0:46:26.580 Alright, this is not what other or but I'm just gonna get this machine right or try to get to another machine right today 0:46:26.580,0:46:28.580 Yeah, or you know 0:46:28.660,0:46:32.880 sustainability, I guess and I just I think about it in mark modern date sex because this is like 0:46:34.060,0:46:35.140 and 0:46:35.140,0:46:37.030 Every day is way to look. Yeah 0:46:37.030,0:46:42.689 It's to blissed and even just think about just humans period like just think about nothing failing inside your body 0:46:42.690,0:46:47.760 Yeah, that's that's a whole. Nother thing. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's all it's all attributed 0:46:48.070,0:46:53.130 sometimes I you know, it's not that believed so that big existential I 0:46:53.800,0:46:56.519 believe in the simulation or not, but 0:46:57.250,0:47:01.290 Not a simulation. I don't know what we you know, I don't think of the simulation 0:47:01.290,0:47:06.600 But what one day I was thinking about exercise what if I could take off this headset? Yeah, like the matrix 0:47:06.900,0:47:10.829 Yeah, and I'm oh I need to watch it again. They they they dropped 0:47:11.380,0:47:13.439 Champ. Yeah, I think we're in like a 0:47:14.080,0:47:20.789 Just a bubble of energy. Yeah. Yeah. It's like a hobo and we're powered by the Sun. Yeah, which is Jesus 0:47:24.520,0:47:32.100 Or God or Son of God or the whole thing is but we are definitely just a big ball of energy like and 0:47:33.790,0:47:37.979 We could and I don't even know we might not even there might not even be any other 0:47:38.740,0:47:45.600 Plane, he might all be right here. Yeah, we clearly see this. I mean, yeah, I think I think as time goes on you 0:47:46.150,0:47:49.410 Know how you talked about like Jesus letting somebody see 0:47:49.410,0:47:52.890 Yeah, I think like it's not to say that we're already on heaven 0:47:53.080,0:47:57.209 But it's just like we we just need to be able to see everything. Mm-hmm. Is that thing? 0:47:57.210,0:47:59.210 That would give us something to work with. Yeah 0:47:59.230,0:48:05.250 and like I just think that comes with time because you get exposed to different things in the world and like oh, 0:48:05.260,0:48:09.870 It's just you just got to not give up, you know, just don't give up on whatever you're trying to see, you know 0:48:09.870,0:48:11.790 You might not even never see it 0:48:11.790,0:48:18.029 Yeah, you know, oh he made that God my um, this is I don't know what he he got a dad with being blind 0:48:18.560,0:48:20.330 when he stumbled upon Jesus 0:48:20.330,0:48:21.930 I'm sure maybe he 0:48:21.930,0:48:26.150 Grew up to figure out how to a lot of Hill he was one and how to make sure other people 0:48:26.340,0:48:28.340 Just to see new things 0:48:28.560,0:48:33.830 That's usually how a lot of charitable work happens news that you know, their parents died from cancer or whatever 0:48:34.080,0:48:39.019 Yeah, it's crazy cast is still potter. You know, that's a crazy thing the cancer 0:48:39.690,0:48:43.310 Cancer is not gonna go away ever. Didn't you think they got a quick here. I 0:48:44.010,0:48:46.010 Don't think they got a mean. Whoa 0:48:46.440,0:48:51.260 What's this? Uh Cuba? I don't think we got what keep us they carried it. Yeah 0:48:51.930,0:48:56.450 Cuba's cured AIDS Cuba's cured a lot bro. No, man 0:48:57.690,0:48:59.330 No, but that's the thing 0:48:59.330,0:49:06.140 Like we're modern-day medicine, you know, right everything is about pills and shots and whatever or radiation. Mm-hmm 0:49:07.980,0:49:12.169 Not it's never gonna be a way but I mean, what is what is it? 0:49:12.170,0:49:16.220 You know, what is look we got this is now yes taking them. We you know 0:49:17.130,0:49:19.459 as a whole thing, so we're in a future so it's like 0:49:20.010,0:49:24.380 You know technology can be just as medical as it is, you know. Oh, yeah, definitely 0:49:24.990,0:49:31.159 I definitely feel that way as far as like, you know, like procedures and how to get into the body without actually 0:49:31.920,0:49:34.730 too much of an invasion on any type of warhead 0:49:35.910,0:49:41.030 Yeah, I had one of those they use just fix you just like sticks and he just went in and it just put it in 0:49:41.030,0:49:45.919 It suck it up instead of ripping my whole stomach open. Yeah, and that's you know, that's the crazy part about it because 0:49:47.460,0:49:49.460 When you think about medicine, you know 0:49:50.100,0:49:57.019 Yeah, we're like in the 21st century and everything is about medicine pillows. Whatever. Yeah, but 0:49:57.960,0:50:00.830 Where did you get those properties for? 0:50:01.470,0:50:06.740 You grow those properties from the earth, you know, that's why you know, I marijuana is illegal 0:50:07.500,0:50:09.830 DMT is legal. All these things are illegal 0:50:11.100,0:50:15.679 Here at rot DMT and I don't know. I don't think I'm a miner Holly. Yeah, I don't think 0:50:17.670,0:50:21.590 Maybe I want the a date like they talk about gateway drugs and you know 0:50:21.590,0:50:25.519 It's not that I believe that does a gateway drug, but it's just like, you know every joke has its purpose 0:50:25.520,0:50:28.340 you know and like I know like 0:50:29.340,0:50:31.729 it's just a assist another experienced at a 0:50:32.240,0:50:38.000 I don't know if I'm ready for ya. A lot of this I can it look like I thought about your horse 0:50:38.000,0:50:43.369 I'm just cool. Yeah, like yeah, I thought about it. I think you'd be perfect for it cuz you have a very calm manner 0:50:43.369,0:50:47.149 Yeah, yeah, most people get out of their heads real quick. Yeah 0:50:47.670,0:50:52.070 I don't know. I just have to uh, I have to weigh my options and whatever 0:50:52.070,0:50:57.379 Alright, I'm big on I'm big on a repercussion. So I just like there's no repercussions. Yeah, yes. Oh my god 0:50:57.380,0:50:59.099 I just want to know that 0:50:59.099,0:51:01.099 When I go into this round 0:51:01.380,0:51:03.710 What am I gonna get for me, you know ego death 0:51:03.960,0:51:07.849 That's what you're gonna get you go to for sure about you you you yeah 0:51:09.420,0:51:11.629 LSD, how's your experience? 0:51:12.450,0:51:13.980 it's usually like 0:51:13.980,0:51:20.089 It's usually you just come on like a Chinese person, but it's usually you just life is just kind of more like yeah 0:51:20.280,0:51:25.129 Like everything breeds, you know, the colors are more vibrant and you you almost 0:51:26.099,0:51:28.549 Feel yourself being a wave, you know 0:51:28.550,0:51:28.950 You can 0:51:28.950,0:51:33.379 Almost sensitive to the energy in the room see and you can kind of see energy sometimes - I don't know 0:51:33.390,0:51:35.810 it's kind of far out to say but um 0:51:36.690,0:51:42.260 Yeah, and especially creative wise. Yeah greater wise. It makes you dump everything you just thought was cool 0:51:42.780,0:51:44.780 You're like whoa, that is not cool 0:51:46.080,0:51:50.899 You're like this is cool. You know, this is actually saying something, you know, and you know stuff like that cuz 0:51:51.450,0:51:57.109 you know art in psychedelics kind of go hand in hand what you would think you know, like oh, that's a trippy and 0:51:57.720,0:52:02.270 Investing as the artist if I can make you feel like you're trapped just for a second just for a second 0:52:02.270,0:52:06.320 I can catch our just first I can make you be still just for that second that moment 0:52:06.390,0:52:09.589 it's like, you know, when you listen to music, you know that that moment is very 0:52:10.109,0:52:12.199 personal to each and every video so it's a 0:52:13.290,0:52:18.830 you know, it's just all about making you see I think that's kind of what psychedelics I it just makes you see I 0:52:23.369,0:52:25.369 Never heard that 0:52:26.970,0:52:28.970 We 0:52:29.280,0:52:33.589 Say oh we just bad for the body or that yeah. Oh shut up. Oh 0:52:34.470,0:52:36.470 Are you annoying? 0:52:36.620,0:52:39.410 man now we're in a future do yeah, it's like 0:52:40.200,0:52:42.979 they even that's a thing a being first generation again, because 0:52:44.880,0:52:47.130 It has it's hard trying to talk to your parents about psychedelics 0:52:47.130,0:52:52.079 That's like, you know, we're too free to have that conversation and we got out of conversation 0:52:52.080,0:52:54.989 But they can never grasp it unless they try because yeah 0:52:55.510,0:52:59.310 trying to have those concepto stalks about those concepts and things you see that's - 0:53:00.190,0:53:03.750 It's almost too far out for them. Unless you know, they've done something like 0:53:05.440,0:53:12.210 Indians or that generation though. They're very conservative. Yeah, but that's I think that's good though 0:53:12.210,0:53:18.870 I think our meeting I think they were concerned conservatives and you know, this next generation is progressive 0:53:18.870,0:53:19.260 hmm 0:53:19.260,0:53:20.580 And you know we get the brain 0:53:20.580,0:53:24.989 so I think it's good for it's gonna work out eventually because you know, like their grandkids will be 0:53:25.510,0:53:30.390 You know intellectuals. Yeah, basically, you know and have tradition still you know, the other thing like that 0:53:30.540,0:53:33.959 Yeah, I think that's when it comes down to - is tradition 0:53:33.960,0:53:37.199 That's why they you know, they try and say keep it in the bloodline, but you know 0:53:37.870,0:53:40.499 You just got to keep it. Just keep that shit 0:53:40.500,0:53:44.250 Yeah, even make sure you got it at least wanna give it to wherever you want to give it to you 0:53:44.440,0:53:45.690 especially in the bloodline 0:53:45.690,0:53:52.320 I understand that bloodline thing cuz I don't know that's that's far out - because you know DNA is matter, you know 0:53:52.320,0:53:56.009 yeah, I mean it does certain information is a 0:53:56.680,0:53:58.680 Nigga, shit. Yeah 0:54:00.070,0:54:02.219 The experience that we don't do right now 0:54:03.580,0:54:05.580 Hey, man, uh 0:54:06.340,0:54:08.340 We here and uh 0:54:08.800,0:54:10.420 talking about 0:54:10.420,0:54:16.830 fear, you know I was talking about fear with like a lot of people this in general because you know at my job 0:54:16.830,0:54:21.179 You know, they have people that don't make as much money. No, this is not - like 0:54:21.910,0:54:28.799 Clothes or anything, but they don't make they make 7/25 right? And you know, I'm talking shit. I'm just like yeah, what are you 0:54:29.380,0:54:32.039 What are you gonna what are you gonna be doing? Hmm in the next? 0:54:32.740,0:54:34.740 Five years and people don't look that far 0:54:34.900,0:54:41.699 You know, that's that's the upsetting part except you don't look that far and it's just like, you know, let's compromise, you know 0:54:42.070,0:54:47.549 Let's not talk about how far let's just talk about today. What are you doing today? And 0:54:48.940,0:54:52.470 No, no, we're just we're talking about people that really fear 0:54:53.590,0:54:57.779 Doing whatever right that change. Yeah, and then leave. Yeah and like 0:54:58.840,0:55:00.840 It's okay to be uncomfortable. I 0:55:01.360,0:55:08.789 Would always aim to be uncomfortable man. Once I get when I once I'm comfortable once I am comfortable I almost can't think yeah 0:55:08.830,0:55:14.699 I almost feel like I have no purpose once I'm comfortable. Yeah, it's almost like not working 0:55:14.980,0:55:17.669 You have to always make time to be comfortable. It's kind of weird 0:55:18.640,0:55:20.640 It is weird 0:55:20.980,0:55:22.980 It's one of those things where it's just like 0:55:24.310,0:55:30.749 Alright, I'm good, but I want better and you know, I'm starting to slowly realize that it's only like 0:55:31.450,0:55:33.280 1% of the people 0:55:33.280,0:55:37.320 Population on this world that want better for themselves. So I'm just gonna just gonna throw that out there 0:55:37.750,0:55:41.130 There's one it like look I'm so proven. I've gotta give people 0:55:44.050,0:55:48.989 Yeah, it's just man it is tough though, I mean I don't know I feel like 0:55:49.990,0:55:56.610 We're in the future worried. That's becoming the dingo. Yeah to be to want better for yourself. Yeah on it other kind of stuff 0:55:56.610,0:56:01.499 I think that's cool that there's people that actually want better than themselves. You shouldn't want for better for yourself. Yes 0:56:02.230,0:56:05.219 Nobody else is gonna want it for you. Yeah as much as you want it. Oh 0:56:06.640,0:56:11.099 no, bro, it's very interesting to try like 0:56:12.520,0:56:18.659 See your life go through, you know, because I think about it. I think about my life just in general 0:56:18.660,0:56:25.830 I feel like I noticed the changes it's more. It's like getting better because when I think about it, you know, I 0:56:26.860,0:56:32.039 Didn't know what I wanted to do. You know, I went I'm going to I thought that my life was gonna be like alright 0:56:33.250,0:56:38.760 Go to high school, you know get chicks go to college get chicks settle down get married 0:56:39.040,0:56:46.649 Yeah be a pharmacist slash doctor, whatever. Yeah get married at 25 have kids at 28 25 0:56:46.650,0:56:48.650 That's so scary - you murdered right? 0:56:48.760,0:56:51.449 Trust me. I know trust me. I'm not it 0:56:52.090,0:56:54.390 But it was just one of those things where like yo 0:56:54.940,0:56:58.740 I've planned out my life. Hmm, but then there's just like, alright this happened 0:56:59.110,0:57:03.749 Alright, so we're gonna go left or we're gonna go right? All right, let's go, right 0:57:04.210,0:57:10.800 All right, and I'm going still on that same path that I wanted to be on as far as like my life is sometimes happen 0:57:11.470,0:57:13.150 laughter, right 0:57:13.150,0:57:20.040 Mm-hmm, you know and that's just that's just where we are right now. Hmm, like people don't understand that the smallest decision is 0:57:21.820,0:57:27.299 Everything's very grander, you know. Yeah every grinder those little decisions. You gotta make sure they fulfill you 0:57:27.300,0:57:29.550 Yeah, you know I make sure yeah 0:57:29.550,0:57:35.189 I guess like the chosen that's is you gotta make sure you know if I'm making a lift am I gonna be? Okay? 0:57:36.010,0:57:38.399 With whatever comes with making there live 0:57:39.070,0:57:41.759 Yeah, it don't matter if it's good or bad, right? 0:57:42.550,0:57:43.800 You still gonna be either too cold? 0:57:43.800,0:57:48.840 yeah, you're still gonna be still gonna pay for debris because no matter what hmm like and that's just to say that 0:57:50.260,0:57:52.979 Make good decisions to know that hey 0:57:54.070,0:57:57.449 If anything bad comes out of it, I made a good decision at that time 0:57:57.490,0:57:59.790 Mm-hmm, because we talking about present time now 0:57:59.830,0:58:06.600 you know as much it as much as I press to push for the future and you fix yourself today, you know you do and 0:58:07.120,0:58:14.609 That's what like, you know, the self-help whole thing is just like they're talking about the future, you know, they're talking about you know 0:58:14.610,0:58:20.610 If you just visualize what you want and you'll get it. Well, what about now? You know, hmm, and one thing that I have 0:58:21.370,0:58:24.359 grown to understand especially like let's let's talk about 0:58:25.480,0:58:31.590 What's this called the presidential election? Right? Mmm, and how people are like, you know, I believe that 0:58:32.200,0:58:37.470 Black people need reparations. Yeah, that's the new topic this go-around, but we got to make them talk about that 0:58:37.470,0:58:40.770 I mean you got to I mean wheat some kind of we could talk about all of it 0:58:41.020,0:58:45.090 We can talk about it, but it's just like yeah, how are you gonna do it? 0:58:46.390,0:58:50.430 But I mean, that's what they gotta bring to the table exactly. But we gotta bring that with them. Yeah, yeah 0:58:50.430,0:58:53.430 yeah, like yeah, we could talk about it, but it's just like 0:58:54.280,0:58:59.009 I'm all about look I get it. This is what we need. But how are you doing it? 0:58:59.040,0:59:04.409 How are you gonna do it? Do you have even this? Yeah, even if it's the slightest plan to be like 0:59:04.930,0:59:11.250 okay, I know you're gonna do it but I need a little bit more reassurance because look no offense to Obama Obama is one of 0:59:11.250,0:59:16.709 The he is a phenomenon, you know, we we will never get anybody like him ever again 0:59:17.050,0:59:20.909 What if we get somebody better we can I mean we had the possibility 0:59:20.910,0:59:27.839 I mean II do have the possibility make this generation deaf definitely has a possibility you thought you seen that Asian president that oh, 0:59:27.839,0:59:35.399 Yeah, yeah, see what he talked about. I don't know II think he's progressed. He sees features. Yeah, he he he's smart 0:59:35.400,0:59:38.129 He's smart. I actually like I donated some money to his campaign 0:59:38.470,0:59:38.970 Yeah 0:59:38.970,0:59:42.929 Cuz I just like did he go he could get there he can get far you think he can win 0:59:43.420,0:59:48.359 Agent president down fix economy. Yeah, look if that fixes 0:59:48.359,0:59:52.528 I would hope so look at ASA president America better wake the fuck up 0:59:53.230,0:59:55.230 We're talking about 0:59:55.599,0:59:58.139 flying cars to stay outside 1:00:00.640,1:00:04.829 See well, that's what you gotta give them that stereotype that's what he wants that is this 1:00:04.839,1:00:07.679 he almost has to work against that stereotype too because it's like 1:00:08.680,1:00:12.839 Okay, you're Asian. You have to work work with a future futuristic concept, right? 1:00:12.839,1:00:17.339 That's what we kind of so she ate them with me know sometimes with the you know in comics or whatever 1:00:17.339,1:00:19.919 But it's like yeah, what are we? What are you gonna bring the tip to the table? 1:00:19.920,1:00:21.930 And he's an American so it's just like yeah 1:00:21.930,1:00:28.139 I appreciate like he's gonna say he can definitely like he could definitely fit in all demographics 1:00:28.230,1:00:31.139 Well, maybe not rest I thing but he seems very fluid 1:00:31.140,1:00:33.390 Yeah, it seems like like like Anna, you know 1:00:33.549,1:00:38.008 He wants to work against the economy because he knows the companies for pretty much done. Yeah, yeah 1:00:38.009,1:00:41.729 he's yeah, like he was talking about how how 1:00:43.569,1:00:48.179 How he's gonna get the money for all that extra I'm just not like the Amazon or whatever 1:00:48.519,1:00:52.409 Yeah, I mean, yeah, like this is all it all makes sense. It does makes it 1:00:52.410,1:00:58.049 Yeah, and when is this I wouldn't make sense then. Okay. Yeah, we understand. They're not right. Yeah. Yeah like 1:00:58.690,1:01:00.690 to be honest like 1:01:02.349,1:01:03.880 Everybody else sucks 1:01:03.880,1:01:05.519 to me at least 1:01:05.519,1:01:11.429 What about what's-his-name? Oh baby. So yeah, I think he just posted that he's yeah, I 1:01:12.190,1:01:18.149 saw that you know, to be honest, I was kind of disappointed because I'm just like and you can wait till 1:01:19.930,1:01:21.930 2024 or 2028 1:01:22.269,1:01:27.119 Where's the psych these people are gonna try and come for you? Yo, you lost Senate. Hmm? 1:01:27.180,1:01:30.869 You know you think here do you think people don't people like them already gave him my money 1:01:30.869,1:01:34.619 Anyway, I'm not even gave it to him no more. No, he he has his weight 1:01:34.619,1:01:38.758 Like if it wasn't like everybody caught his wave late, right? 1:01:38.759,1:01:41.699 He's in pain I'm saying that's why that's why he essentially that's why he lost 1:01:41.700,1:01:43.950 Yeah, cuz they caught his way if he had more time 1:01:43.950,1:01:49.499 Yeah, but the whole thing about is like bado knows how to speak to people if you look at him that's white chocolate 1:01:49.529,1:01:51.899 Alright, he just like oppa say white shit 1:01:54.309,1:01:59.788 Now he's very very well-spoken yeah. Yeah, he's very well-spoken and that's what you need you need to be able to 1:02:00.339,1:02:04.439 Deliver the message very well. Mhm, but there's a problem when it's like 1:02:05.769,1:02:08.849 alright, you deliver your message, but you're only a 1:02:09.579,1:02:14.278 Message carrier. Yeah, he doesn't seem much in control. Yeah, he seems just very good 1:02:14.890,1:02:19.589 He could bring the plan. Yeah, he that he might know maybe he meant to bring the plan 1:02:19.589,1:02:23.968 Yeah, he'll pick the people to execute it, which a president is kind of, you know, it's a positive right? 1:02:23.969,1:02:27.569 Yeah, um, but even with him is just like yo 1:02:27.569,1:02:33.058 do you another reason why he lost and people couldn't grasp the concept of how he lost was because 1:02:33.489,1:02:37.019 He only looked at on social media. Yeah, I think his didn't really go 1:02:37.019,1:02:40.919 Oh, you know I care if I should say if you don't have for this guy 1:02:41.699,1:02:44.189 And that's it. Alright, see what this is 1:02:44.190,1:02:47.039 that's a good thing again about like that that digital thing because 1:02:47.349,1:02:52.978 You just crawl on my pasta after a while you once you've seen it initially most times 1:02:52.979,1:02:55.289 You're just gonna scroll past here the second time. Yeah, you know, I 1:02:55.869,1:03:01.498 Dig his design he kind of stole. What a Rigger's design. Yeah. That was very smart for a Texas thing. Yeah 1:03:02.289,1:03:06.689 That's probably the best thing about champagne. Yeah, what's the design is? It's all 1:03:07.539,1:03:12.508 It's all interesting to me, you know not to say that I want anybody to lose. I want everybody to do their best because 1:03:14.079,1:03:19.019 Very optimistic about the future and you know who every time you present better come with it because 1:03:19.990,1:03:23.219 Because they're not gonna get our folks no more. Like that's really the bottom line 1:03:23.220,1:03:27.119 You're not gonna get our money or our votes likes it as much as as much as I hate 1:03:27.120,1:03:29.760 I would hate to say that Hillary didn't deserve my boat. She just in 1:03:30.280,1:03:32.850 Yeah, I mean not to say I was wrong 1:03:37.630,1:03:43.710 But you know like it's just is this she didn't she didn't deserve it but it's just like, you know, somebody said 1:03:44.410,1:03:49.680 The the better of two devils and this I don't all right, the the lesser of two evils. Yeah, I 1:03:50.350,1:03:52.920 Don't know. I don't know how much I agree with that. I mean 1:03:53.680,1:03:57.569 It was Gary Johnson there was but you know think it's not trying 1:03:58.240,1:04:01.229 Libertarian like, you know through our generation. It'll be a 1:04:01.780,1:04:06.210 real thing to participate in voting believe but really 1:04:06.790,1:04:08.790 You know, we gotta find a way I guess 1:04:10.000,1:04:15.029 Have people excited about it because I don't talk about voting like that. Yeah. It's like I'll see someone who just corn up 1:04:15.030,1:04:17.030 Okay, I'll register to vote and you know 1:04:17.530,1:04:21.210 But I don't feel like I'm a part of it. I don't feel like I you know, that's why I voted 1:04:21.820,1:04:25.380 Suppression is so real to cuz most people don't think they'll even have an elephant 1:04:25.380,1:04:28.950 Yeah, that that even gives but we gotta understand like man 1:04:29.590,1:04:34.620 We're not even gonna blink at you. If you're not talking about a black agenda. That's why this this one around for 1:04:34.620,1:04:40.680 yeah, it's so kind of important because we need that agenda Chris like crazy like 1:04:41.560,1:04:44.220 What's the promise? Yeah, yeah 49. Yeah 1:04:46.450,1:04:49.559 It's a trippy experience, you know 1:04:51.850,1:04:58.410 It's cool in his cool. Yes it it's nice that we're able to talk about it, you know every time I think about Trump 1:04:58.410,1:05:00.960 I'm just like damn President Bush was a good president. I 1:05:03.760,1:05:05.760 Don't know man, I feel like 1:05:05.860,1:05:10.410 He wasn't he was I don't know. I think I think that 1:05:11.350,1:05:18.329 No, no, I mean despite that. You know, how can you despite that though that I've been on Orlando? Yeah, it did 1:05:18.910,1:05:20.230 um 1:05:20.230,1:05:24.510 Yeah that we got them a fee. Am I in the airport now when you book a flight? Yeah. Yeah 1:05:25.680,1:05:28.220 What the fuck? I think that 1:05:29.640,1:05:33.410 Like just was bushes in general. Yeah, he wasn't in control 1:05:34.530,1:05:40.759 His family. Yeah, I think like somebody had influence or like I feel like he was he was that guy 1:05:41.700,1:05:46.580 But he definitely like I think Dick Cheney was like the puppet master, you know 1:05:46.580,1:05:51.919 Right, like they had this whole movie about him being that I saw at about 1:05:52.800,1:05:54.800 that movie in my 1:05:56.100,1:06:03.499 Sister's was his uh, after 9/11 happen you ever seen is I guys know that's what that's really when all the conspiracies came through 1:06:03.500,1:06:07.160 That's one this whole wave of conspiracy. Theories came to after that movie 1:06:07.200,1:06:11.419 it was it was basically all about 9/11 and the economy and all this stuff and I was like 1:06:12.150,1:06:16.219 It's maybe bull. I mean, I believe that first was talking about loominatee and all that other bullshit 1:06:16.280,1:06:18.280 I believe the for like two months, but then I was like 1:06:18.720,1:06:23.480 There's a market for this now because you got middle school was talking rubbish in high school was talking efficient. It's like 1:06:24.570,1:06:28.580 He might have really been a just a terrible person. So he might have just really yeah, let those people die 1:06:28.610,1:06:30.610 Yeah, whatever we go to war. I 1:06:31.230,1:06:33.080 Thought I'd break it down like or aunts 1:06:33.080,1:06:33.770 Anyways, yeah 1:06:33.770,1:06:35.760 I mean we are we truly are I mean 1:06:35.760,1:06:39.770 As much impact ups as we try to change right now. It wasn't tangible back in a day 1:06:40.530,1:06:42.150 Mm-hmm 1:06:42.150,1:06:45.979 Think about think about that should happen with eggs alone living what? 1:06:48.090,1:06:52.549 That's that's really again we might shut down cuz yeah fucking shrimp gonna do yeah, but maybe 1:06:53.370,1:06:57.349 You might stick. Yeah, it's just like you know, what fucking I'm tired 1:06:57.990,1:07:03.350 And I had enough of these Russian box. Yeah, no. No, that's interesting. Oh, yeah, man, uh, 1:07:03.960,1:07:05.520 About to wrap it up 1:07:05.520,1:07:07.520 Go ahead plug your stuff 1:07:07.830,1:07:14.959 Man, my name is Aldo walk. Eme. Y'all can follow me on on Instagram Twitter Oh Lu WH T 1:07:15.810,1:07:20.209 Come check out my stuff man. I got a show coming out next month at arc art gallery 1:07:20.210,1:07:23.390 I also have another show at the Hobby Center in May 1:07:23.790,1:07:28.729 So check that out and it's on 4/20 then one next month our hearts. Y'all come out, you know, you can 1:07:29.400,1:07:36.529 Not smoke in there, but come check out, you know, some good art and be critics about it. Okay, I appreciate you 1:07:36.690,1:07:38.690 Definitely. I appreciate you man 1:07:38.720,1:07:41.629 you're doing you're doing a lot of good stuff my try but