MOre about Podcasting


Why Podcast?

  • Connection: Reach your audience by giving them something they want to hear.

  • Focused message: The culture of podcast listening enables you to get really specific in your target audience. Speak to the people who already know about you, and find other mission-focused listeners who don’t.

  • Convenient reach: Reach people where they want to listen, in their cars, in their homes, at the gym.

  • Engaged audience: Not only is it convenient to the listener, you get their full attention because they’re in for the full ride.

Whether you want to start a podcast so that your voice can be heard or have an existing podcast that is taking too much of your time editing, creating show notes, or uploading. That time that you spend driving up your revenue for your created content orAll of this takes time. That’s the reason you got into podcasting isn’t it- to create?

You didn’t start podcasting to spend hours editing your recording or typing up show notes.

This is were I can help.

Book a free 15min consultation to get you started.

What I Offer:

  • Podcast Consulting

  • Editing (mixing and mastering, add intros/outros, show notes)

Why you should work with us?

We are Scalable

We are flexible